Let’s see…  I’m studying Physics at the University of Heidelberg at the moment, an adventure of it’s own kind. In the past I’ve travelled to New Zealand on a work&holiday visa and set up this blog to post photos and news for everyone to see. I love travelling and new cultures and languages, so I’ll keep it up and post more photos and tales of beautiful places, all the while hopefully improving.

This blog is mainly in English because I have some friends who don’t speak German.. and while not all of my other friends are comfortable with English it’s better that way.

I’m still trying to get some style in here.. this was set up on the run in many many internet cafés all over the place and still feels like that to me. I have a lot to learn.

My camera at the moment is a tiny Canon Ixus 70, but despite it’s limitations I think I have managed to create some nice photos with it. I’m planning for an upgrade soon. Find a collection of the best here.

This means that all photos on these pages are mine (unless stated otherwise). Please post a comment and ask for permission if you want to use one of them.

>No updates mean I’ve got nothing new to say. There’s enough unnecessary information on the net as it is.<

Me on the Jump


2 responses to “About

  1. Thats for the book :)


  2. hey, Katja, surprised to see you watched Japanese comic.
    I have sent you email to ###, please check if you free.
    see you.

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