Last Scotland photos

Haha, too long.. I know.
Here are some last images from New Years / Hogmanay and the following day!

Oban Harbour at sunset

Having underestimated what a great deal Hogmanay actually is we finally managed to score accomodation in the town of Oban in the west.

Hogmanay McCaig's Tower
McCaig’s Tower, quite a weird structure, serves us as a location for celebrating New Years. The way up is solid ice and on the way back we just sit and slide down again.. repeatedly. xD


The bay at Oban at Full Moon at Hogmanay
Full moon, freezing cold and wonderful light!

Stalker Castle sunset
On the next day we roam a while and visit the wonderful Stalker Castle. An amusing extra is the drawn map at the viewing platform that tells us that one of the lighthouses in the bay needed repainting after someone painted it bright pink.

Stalker Castle bay sunrise
Next day’s sunrise at the very same bay.

Fort Williams Train Station decorated for Christmas
In Fort William the train station is still lavishly decorated for Christmas. We especially loved the jokes.
It’s still hard to get around since very few trains run these days and not a lot of cars are around to help us out.

Edinburgh Castle at night
Back in Edinburgh – the castle at night.

Edinburgh graffitti whale
A graffitti in Edinburgh.

near Stonehaven
A side trip brings us to Stonehaven at the east coast. It looks like a nice place for a stay, but sadly we don’t have the time.

Dunnottar Castle at sunset
Near Stonehaven we find the grand ruin of Dunnottar Castle, which is truely a sight. Due to the late hour however it’s already closed, so we stick to trying to stay alive on the icy cliff path and admiring the sunset.

east coast beach in snow
On the way back to London – even the beaches are full of snow.
What a holiday!

I have to make sure to come back one day, maybe in late spring or late summer.. against our fears, Scotland proved to be a wonderful place to come to in winter and we experienced a lot of interesting and beautiful things. The Orkneys were particularly special due to their white-blue silent and black-blue roaring atmosphere. I definitely want to see them in summer, but they are a great place to be in such a cold winter as this one too. Have a look yourself! :)

More here: [part1] [part2]


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