Scotland Follow-up

Uni kills me, exams are coming up.. but anyway, here are some nice photos from the journey!

London Tower Bridge at night
passing through – London Tower Bridge at night


Edinburgh - Salisbury Crags
Edinburgh – Salisbury Crags in Holyrod Park from the port region at dusk

Edinburgh at dusk

Blair Atholl - icy sign
Taking the train up from Edinburgh to Inverness we gladly stay inside – what a glorious way to travel in winter! :)

frozen creek in scotland
And in the middle of this all – a national park – we got stuck; apparently the switches were frozen. The super-nice train team did some magic on them and we didn’t have to wait for the unfreeze-team. Still, people told us this happens all the time. Trains in Scotland seem to be not build for this weather – but why??

Scotland in Snow

Scotland in Snow II

Scotland in Snow III

More here: [part2] [part3]


One response to “Scotland Follow-up

  1. Great weather! Looks like you had a quick, but great visit. shame would couldn’t have got off the train…


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