New Header (again), Blogroll links and Titel Change

Just a short notice, I’ve changed the header image again, this time to a party island from the Mamanucas group in Fiji (next to the Yasawa group). I hope global warming won’t be too hard on these ones.. no one’s really living there because these flat sandy islands have no natural water source, just heaps of coconut trees, but there are resorts.. and they are just like paradise.. :)

Plus, I’m taking some links out of the Blogroll.. they are:

Juggler’s Rest Backpackers in Picton
Flo’s Page with Blog (German)
Kit’s Blog (partly Chinese)

Additionally, I’ve finally taking the “(keep changing)” away from the title. When I first invented it I had never heard of that book and the movie (not sure whether that was out yet), so I haven’t borrowed it from there. And since it’s been quite fitting and I haven’t really found anything better so far, ‘Into the Wild’ it will be. (more at the “about” page!)

Have fun.. :)


One response to “New Header (again), Blogroll links and Titel Change

  1. Kia Ora, Katja, nice to see you have been Fuji, a lovely place!You are right,that photo I took isn’t real.
    Take care, mate!

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