Too Much Data

After coming home I sight my photos – there are more than 10,000 of them and over 26 GB at the moment. One CD is still missing. GAAAHH! I am still planning to put up more about Fiji, so hold on.. ^^

It is truely amazing, but about everyone I met on the road has reported to have about the same amout of pictures taken per month as I have. Just imagine the amount of data created per year! o.O We seriously must take care not to drown in all that.. lest we spend more time reviewing and working with as well as creating them as we do just living.. xP

(I know I’m just ranting here – whatever. ^^ Back to my pictures.)


One response to “Too Much Data

  1. Hi!

    Glad you got back home well! hows the uni planning going?

    Im stranded on the West Coast due to snow! crazy – im trying to get to Wanaka to ski in snow, but I cant cos of all the snow!!

    Hope your well – hows the sun?


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