Yay, this place next to the airport has internet! I’m staying at the Tropic of Capricorn, or Mama’s, as everyone knows it, and it’s right next to a nice beach. But it’s also next to the airport.. Fiji is definitely different from New Zealand. Today it was about 30 degrees Celsius – neat. I certainly don’t miss the cold of Auckland at the moment. Just a moment ago I saw the most amazing sunset over the sea, sitting under coconut trees and eating a fresh pineapple from the market. What a difference!

When I arrived yesterday I was given a shell necklace and a free taxi to the hostel – bula! I was ecstatic to find the sea just metres from the hostel and to get rid of almost all the shirts I was wearing. So warm! Today, after a free breakfast, I booked my next few days – I’m going to the Yasawa Islands, known for their superb beaches and reefs. Then I took the local bus to town. It didn’t have any glasses in the windows, but that was a really good thing because it was so warm. We passed the “Police Caravan” on the way, and a lot of fields, houses with chickens and palm trees. In the city I went to the market and got the pineapple (2 f$), a coconut (1 f$) and a few bananas (1f$). I also spent some time taking photos and talking to one of the women at the stands – the people here are really friendly! Sometimes, though, it is hard to say whether they are just being friendly or whether they want to sell you stuff. The word used most often in Nadi, the city, must be “No!”.

Well.. I won’t be back for the next 9 days.. and out there I will be lucky if they have electricity (who needs electricity anyway?).. so.. stay tuned till then! And excuse the randomness.. :)


One response to “Fiji!

  1. Hey Katja!!

    great blog – glad you made it Fiji ok! its freezing here! im in Wellington now.

    take care, alex xxx

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