Up And Away

At the moment I am standing at Auckland International Airport, waiting for my flight to Fiji. I left almost all my stuff behind at the City Garden Lodge until when I come back in 11 days – suddenly I can move again with my backpack! I’m not quite sure how many internet places Fiji actually has; there are certainly none on the outer islands. I think this might even be the first time for me to get out of the reach of theĀ internet – let’s see whether it is different. Should not be though, at least for me. You might have to wait a while for my next post. ^^

The last few days were quite nice. I’ve been to an island, actually a vulcano, in Auckland harbour that is just 600 years old! The Maori actually saw it being born. Wow! It’s a magical place, with enchanted forests and full of black lava rocks. And nothing beats eating while sitting on a plank a few metres above the sea at night when all the streetlights and the cars going over the bridge are mirrored in the water – beautiful.

Stay tuned! :)


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