Must Be Drugs

Wow, finally!

After nearly 10 months in NZ I finally decided to do something of the crazy stuff they have over here – a skydive! Basically you jump out of a plane, tandem, with a parachute that is opened before you hit the ground. WOW!

My ‘tandem master’ is Jonathan from Brazil. He’s funny! xD Here he’s just checking my harness. But he only believed me that I’m German after he made me talk in German to some other German jump master.. xD

Boarding the plane – it’ll carry us up to 15,000 feet! You can see both the Pacific and the Tasman Sea from there.. wow. After a while you can see your breath; it’s freezing up there. The professionals get oxygen out of tubes because the plane, of course, is not pressure regulated; we open the door after all.

No pictures from freefall, I’m afraid, they were just a bit too expensive (you have to pay a third person to jump with you to take them).
It’s hard to describe how it feels when you start to fall. It takes a while to realize that you’re ok, falling, but ok. And I cannot imagine any drugs to be better than that.. can’t be (not that I have any material to compare though). There is no orientation the first few seconds, just the feeling of.. falling. Amazing. :)
After the parachute opens you’re suddenly in an upright position. Jonathan gave me the controls to the parachute. You pull either side and the whole thing goes into a crazy dive. It can be stopped by pulling the other one as well. Pull both and it’ll get slower. SOO COOOL! :)

That’s our really unelegant landing. The pros who did the filming for some of the other jumpers virtually hit the ground running after a really mad dive for the ground. What a job! It must be better that the ‘Stop’ sign person from one of the previous posts.. ^^
These photos were taken by some nice older guy, a father of a girl who jumped from the same plane. Thank you!

After so much excitement I went to the Spa Park. It has a hot creek where you can hop in for free – neat! It runs into the Waikato River. If you go to sit at it’s mouth the water at the top is hot and after about 20 centemetres it’s really cold – feels fantastic! I wish we had those in Germany.. here they seem to have quite a lot, you just have to know where they are.
The girl on here is from Canada. I met her and her friend first at the skydive centre where they jumped from the plane before mine and then again in the park. Those two finished their day with a bungy into the Waikato River. Brrr! (Ok, I would have done it.. but I spent enough money today as it is.. ^^) And you can get superb fish and chips for 3.70$ here (1.85 Euro). :)

Take care and have fun – life is good! :)


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