Lots Of Water

I’m back at Taupo on the North Island. After finally selling Sushi in Blenheim (quite hard because the market is that bad for sellers right now) I took the ferry up to Wellington. It was simply freezing and even at 11am the ground in the shade was still frozen, as was a lot of the standing water on the way. Brrr!

A sign at the ferry terminal says a lot about Kiwis. ^^

The Sounds are still nice. :)

Look at this bluuuueee sky. :)

The ferry ride itself was quite alright. Cook Straight is a rough place though and sometimes it felt rather like a rollercoaster. In Wellington I just visited the Parliament (very friendly, these people.. they also sell Parliamints, Governmints and Argumints there. xD ) and booked a flight to Fiji. That’s right, I’m going there before I am going home.. :)
I also visited Te Papa, the national museum, again and had a look at an exhibition about global warming, quite interesting. The place was swarming with people. It was an event paralell to the World Youth Day in Sydney.. wow, so full. One guy behind me, I learned, was the Archbishop of Wellington. Well, why not..

I got to Taupo by bus. Too bad the three vulcanoes up here were hiding in clouds because I really wanted to see them in the snow. They must be just beautiful now. But the weather was really bad, a lot of sleet and rain that was also melting the snow all over the plains that was visible. It’s still raining today. Brrr.. but hopefully that’ll fill the lakes up so we can use more electricity! :)

The last and only thing I see of Mt Ruapehu and of all the vulcanoes. But isn’t it beautiful?

This cloud shows rainbows.. so nice. :)

Hehe.. excuse my ranting and enjoy your day! See you soon! And pray for this rain to stop tomorrow.. ^^


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