Vineyard Photos

Hey! Finally – some photos from the vineyards to illustrate what I’ve been telling. :)

A wonderful sunrise greets us. The weather is just wonderfull.. to think that this is winter!

Snow has fallen on the surrounding mountains though. It will almost melt away during the day. ^^

Now, to my job..
It’s to turn this..

..into this. It’s called wrapping. Must be painful for the plant, huh? The bark usually peels off at the angled parts.. ouch! We get paid about 40 NZ cents per plant after tax for those and about 35 cents per plant if we only have to wrap three canes.

And here’s my pain.. can you see the end? This will take several hours.. and now imaging Marlborough. The whole district seems to consist of nothing else but friggin’ vineyards! Who the heck wraps all those?! Poor guys.. xP In our team we have people from Peru, two from China and a few from India, plus the occasional backpacker from all over the place, mostly Europe. I speak better Spanish than the people from Peru speak English which is pretty amazing because my Spanish basically sucks. It’s really brave of them to travel all around the world without knowing any English.. or the situation in Peru must be really bad. (Yes, they say it’s worse, but hey.. )

Whatever.. have a nice day and enjoy the football game this evening, folks! We’ll get up at half past five in the morning for that. xP GERMANY!! GOOOOO! ^^


3 responses to “Vineyard Photos

  1. How are you lately, Katja
    You are right, I have gone back home.
    So nice you are traveling, have fun, take care!

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