High Oil Prices Are Good

I don’t get why the high oil prices at the moment are seen so separate from the global warming problem and peak oil.

“Speculators” are supposedly to be blamed for the high prices, driving them up far above the normal range. Everyone else has to suffer from that, the normal folks all over the world, struggeling with high fuel prices and trying to pay their heating, while those “speculators” are making money like mad.

But what if there is just not enough oil left to fill the demand at a lower price? What if that’s it? And even if not, the day will come. We’d better be ready by then and have found alternatives while there is still some left. And how do you make an economy invest in something? Make it worth it, for example by making the alternative more expensive. When oil prices skyrock, people will try and find cheaper means to achieve their goals. Even if the current high prices are “a bubble” of “speculators” and there is enough oil left after all to fill the demand at a lower price, if it gets people to invent better technologie, that’s good. People will suffer in the short run, but in the long run we’ll be better off.

If I ran a secret world government, a meeting of national governments or if I just were an investor with a whole lot of money, I’d have the oilprices go up a lot, too. And the money I’d make while trying to get the economy off oil a comparably soft way I’d use to do research into energy technology. (‘Cause that’d keep me my power, besides other stuff.. plus it’s good for the people.. err.. their current life standart and makes it survivable for the environment if the rest of the world joined. And I could control them all with cameras. For without technology there is no control. Harrr harr. Ahem. ^^)

But seriously, it’d also be good for the environment.. burning oil is good for global warming after all.


Sorry for the short detour from my normal travel plan.. I just had to get that off my mind. I’ll go back to torturing plants the energy efficient way by turning chocolate into muscle power (yeah, I know that producing and transporting the chocolate takes oil.. duh..).. whatever. Have fun and don’t get bothered too much by the oil prices. Secret world government, u rock! ^^ 


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