Torture Training

Hey, I managed to get online again..

After leaving Riwaka where we stayed for a few days we went straight to Blenheim in Marlborough, where we are now. Marlborough is mainly a grape region and it’s very sunny – plus they need a lot of workers. It’s winter here at the moment, so there is frost in the morning. We have to scrape ice off Sushi every other day before driving to work before the sun gets up (it does so around 8, so that’s not too bad.. ^^). We’re working for a contracting company that gets called by the growers to work on the fields. The fruit season is over, so what we have to do is take the canes and tie them down to two different wires. We get paid per plant, so the faster you go the more you earn – but we’re not that good yet. Before we decided to get up later my feet were hurting from the cold; really, really hurting badly. My hands hurt too. Now that’s alright.. but the temperature change during the day is still great. In the afternoon it feels like about 20 degrees Celsius and at night there is frost.

Tieing down the canes is not hard work, but it becomes so after a few days. Using the cutters to cut away superfluous canes and cleaning the others makes your right hand hurt. When you tie them down you nearly have to break them (actually I think they are breaking, just a bit) –  really breaking one requires to clean another one and takes up time (plus it’s annoying). I’m just glad that vines can’t scream. It sure sounds as if it hurt, and more so than my hands. Let’s hope the good weather holds.. cheers. I’ll upload some photos when I get the chance. ^^


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