Back North

We’ve been driving our trusty Sushi up north via Hanmer Springs – what a treat. Soaking in the hot sulphur springs for six hours straight certainly didn’t help our smell, but hey! ^^

A very frosty morning greets us.


Back in Abel Tasman – Jana and I go back for a short visit. Recognize this hut? ^^

It’s not quite raining, not quite. The sun shines in our faces and we enjoy this sight.. I mentioned that New Zealand isn’t real, is it? ^^ (Jap, I’ve become really good with foto montage.. actually I sit still at home laughing at you believing I actually flew somewhere.. xD)

The absolute darkness of the night allows my wee tiny camera to tackle the stars – look at the Southern Cross. :)

And here, just for you, my personal impression of the Southern Sky at night. Of course it’s a lot brighter in real. And the beauty when the stars reflect on water.. space below and above. Wow. Indescribable. Can you find the Southern Cross? :) (Amazing what a small pocket camera can do btw o.O)


2 responses to “Back North

  1. kia ora katja,

    i can’t find the southern cross on pic no.1, sorry, i think you didn’t get it right. But I’m not absolutely sure if i remember it right.


    PS: alles klar?

  2. nope, I’m very sure it’s there.. Berkeley has the same formation:

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