Clear Skies


A wonderful sunset, a fit ending for a beautiful day. Watching the light fade from blue to red and yellow and back to a darker velvety blue over the reflecting lakes we rest. We have travelled far that day, seen mountains in snow, the sea, grassy hills and bizarre rocks covered in ancient art. A long day.

Not a single cloud is to be seen in the sky, nor is anything else. Except.. this one streak of white, moving quickly and steadily along. One single line in the deep colourful sky.

I am remembered of home, Europe. At evenings like this the sky is full of those streaks, covering the blue and red in abstract patterns. The sky is always full of planes. I cannot remember looking up without seeing at least one, more likely about ten of them. It is good that there are places where a single plane is the only thing about in the empty sky and sometimes not even one.. and it’s sad, somehow.


One response to “Clear Skies

  1. Hello, Katja, how are you lately?
    Your photos were nice.
    Miss you all, have fun and take care!

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