Beauty Rocks

Hey there.. I’m sorry for not posting so long, it’s just so rare to meet internet down here that actually let’s you upload stuff.. ^^

So.. here comes! We’re on our way to Milford Sound – just incredibly breathtaking.

Mirror Lakes. Love the sign.


On our way there it’s raining a wee bit.. good for us because that sets off all the waterfalls! Lines of silver and white are running down the sheer rock faces off the mountains, steep and almost without plants for they can’t get a hold on there.. amazing. It’s just not true.

We’re almost there and the clouds have stayed behind.

Sunset at Milford Sound – the famous Mitre Peak at it’s best.

On our way back we walk a bit through the bush. It’s like a fantastic dream. :)

The river throws a lot of mist into the air. ^^



Just after Homer Tunnel we find some snow. It’s good that the sun is out, otherwise it would be coooold. xP

Keas are curious birds who might take apart your car if you don’t watch. But they like attention and seem to be fearless of anything. Flash them right in the face and all that might happen is the Kea trying to steal your camera.. ^^

They also came to have a look at Sushi. A small missing piece of the rubber at the back door still reminds us of that incident.. and man, that one just didn’t leave! We started to drive down the road and had that one carsurfing on us.. the reaction of the passengers of the bus that came the other way quite clearly showed us that we still had a Kea on our roof.. xD (It flew away after a hundred metres or so though..)


On our way to the southern coast – Manapouri Lake (yep, the same that lead us to Doubtful Sound)


Clifton Cave – a just beautiful cave that can just be explored like that. We had to turn around at a place called the ‘Swimming Pool’ though because we weren’t keen for a swim.. brr! ^^

Trees at the southern coast – must be a really windy area.. ^^

Jana at Bluff, the other, southern, end of Highway 1. After five months I made it.. from Cape Reinga where it starts to Bluff!


Yelloweyed Penguins at Curio Bay where you can find a petrified forest.. wow! :)

One from several nice waterfalls in the Catlins. :)

Some weird sea plant growing on the rocks. It’s amazing what you find on the beaches..

Cathedral Cave, only visitable at low tide. It’s 5 Dollars though to use the privat road there, maybe not worth it.. rather visit Clifton Caves..

Nugget Point

Graffiti in Dunedin

I practiced my amazing powers of concentration and balance.. look what I can do now! :) (actually it’s just the steepest street in the world.. xP)

We visited the Cadbury factory! :)

Our hostel in Dunedin – Hogwartz! :)


One response to “Beauty Rocks

  1. Katja, long time no see.
    Thanks your messages, your photos were very nice as well!
    Take care!

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