The Last Pear

It is done, finally. All the pears have been packed, over 2.5 million in total, more than 100 tonnes. It is about time. Everyone is really tired from all those 60+ hours a week and in dire need of a break (why some people still continue with other fruit I shall never comprehend!). We had a hangi at the break-up party, a Maori thing – you just put whatever you want to cook (potatoes or kumara -sweet potatoes- and meat… ) in the earth with a few stones from a big fire and leave it there for a few hours – yummy! We also had some karaoke and Bruce, the owner of the orchard, whose ancestors were Scots, played the bagpipes for us – wow! :)

Let’s try this.. :) (It’s supposed to be a video on youtube where you can hear (but not see for it is too dark) the bagpipes..)

The weather has been simply awesome the last few weeks, if not a bit dry for New Zealand. It is warm during the day, short pants, short-sleeved shirts, are just fine. The nights get colder, though, at least I need a pullover.Our next goal will be West Coast. If it is only near to what we’ve already seen, it must be just breathtaking. It is simply impossible to put the beauty and power of nature into words, the seas, the clouds, the bush, the mountains,ever changing and yet always just AWESOME. It’s going to be so good to travel again!

My roommate is teaching me how to make baskets! :)


The beach at Apple Split Rock has two colours, black and white! oO

Apple Split Rock

Someone changed the sign.. ^^

Steve is holding The Last Pear.

There it goes..

Amazing – look at the mountains! (or do they consider those hills here..?)


Now, who the hell is able to drive straight next to that?!

Such Blueness.. oO



Of course this actually cannot be photographed. But still.. oO

And oh, it’s fast!

Enjoy what’s left of Easter – I certainly will! :)


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