That happens and pearmares.. all we see is pears, pears, pears.. last week I worked almost 65 hours.. oO

But it’s an interesting experience to see how you and others react when placed in this situation. Quite a few people do this every year in the pear season and go on to apples or kiwis when it’s finished – wow, that’s just soo much work, and not too well paid either.. so you also get to know locals, that’s always good. :) The oldest person in the packhouse is about 80 and the youngest must be one of the small kids that enjoy packing stuff.. (so their parents can have an eye on them) .. so cute! ^^
And today we were picking water melons in the evening. Bruce, the owner of the place, chooses them, throws them to me and I pass them on.. up into the bin on the truck! :) It’s really warm out in the sun, but it’s a lot better than being inside the packhouse all day.. and even the training in school is worth a lot (jap, you get to throw around heavy balls, and you better not drop them!)

A pear on our porch.. ^^ he’ll never make it to Europe..
Water melon! :)

P.S.: Of course we are all fans of Shakespear. xD But Pearce Brosnan is nice too.. (that’s the Kiwi way of pronouncing the word..)


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