Nelson Photos

And here comes the photos from Nelson! :) Eh.. I didn’t mention that I am now in Motueka, did I? So, first the situation..

Location: Motueka in Tasman Bay

Weather: Showers upon showers of radiation and no single cloud in sight. Some people even enjoy this! oO

The computers in this cafe are named after The Simpsons characters. Mine is called Ned Flanders.. Yesterday I was using Otto. Seriously, how do you tell the people behind the counter which computer you have been on without having it sound wrong..? xP

Right, now here comes the photos.. ^^

My first sunset in Nelson.

Tasman Bay at Sunset

I’m standing on a hill where the supposed centre of NZ lies..

I’m at the centre!! ^^



Look at those mountains! It looks so unreal behind the ‘normal’ city.. and noooo, I don’t take too many pictures.. :P

Art at the market! :)

Music at the market! :)

He sold me really nice spiral ring (and was incredibly patient because it took me more than half an hour to choose.. but eh, most of the really nice rings were in really strange sizes..)

The Bead Gallery in Nelson. They must have one of the best bead collections in the world! ^^

That’s why I went there.. I had lots of feathers and some rings left from Picton when I made some.. now, who wants to buy a beautiful handmade dreamcatcher with feathers from free sea birds? (Yeah, I know, the seagulls that try to eat all your food.. ^^)

Kiwi Experience Busses have a somewhat mixed reputation here.. now I know why! They’re freemasons!

Sunset in Nelson

On the way to the beach

The beach at low tide (it’s huge!)

Now, how do I get that straight..?

On the way back..

So much light! oO

That for now.. hear from me in a few days or later when I come back from Abel Tasman.. ^^


5 responses to “Nelson Photos

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  2. Great! Bring some of the funny chicken (for the garden)!

  3. why is it not possible to make our smiley in yellow? like this it looks boring.
    could you change it and take care of it as well?
    still miss you very much take care and enjoy your time :) (3.smiley)

    yours, s. and a.

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