Here I am, planning to show you some photos from Nelson, just to find that both my USB stick and one SD card are still in Nelson in one of the internet cafes.. phoned them and we’re trying to work something out, but eh.. stupid! :( The photos are all safely burned and in my pocket, but how shall I survive my 4 day Abel Tasman trip with just 1 GB of photo space? xP

That”s right, I”m going tramping again.. and this time I”ll live in huts! :) Hopefully the weather will hold so I can enjoy the many many beaches in that superb national park.. :) (Although I”m in danger of getting a sunstroke or so, I”ll be careful there.. :) Sometimes I really really like clouds. :) )

Eh.. sorry for the no-photo thing.. let”s just hope I”ll get my data storage back quick.. (and sorry for the “s.. the single one triggers the search function of firefox for some reason.. xP)


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