Just something that came to my mind..

Back in Seoul in October we were sitting in the hostel at 1 in the morning one night, zapping through Korea’s TV stations. The best thing ever was the Buddhist channel: They had a guy with a blackboard who derived E=mc^2 for the audience, in Korean of course. Too bad we got there when he was almost finished, but all he said (uh.. in Korean, I know.. but you could still read his writing on the blackboard.. ^^) made perfect sense to me. It either speaks for the simplicity of the formula or for the intelligence of Korean Buddhists that they actually have this on TV.  But… xD


4 responses to “E=mc2

  1. Hej. Immer noch in Picton? Soll ich dich befreien kommen? Wirst du dort festgehalten?

    Ich bin grad in Greymouth. Wetter ganz OK, trotz Regen-Westkueste.


  2. Do you remember how he did that?
    If it really makes sense it might be interesting for me when I have to explain such things to my pupils some day.

  3. Hm.. er stand vor einer Tafel und hat eine Menge in Koreanisch von sich gegeben.. ^^ Ich weiss nicht, von welchen Formeln er ausgegangen ist, sah aber wie ein einfacher Beweis aus..

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