Life at the Juggler’s

Heya, excuse the long delay.. I get too lazy here.. ^^

Now, where did I stop.. ah, yes. Queen Charlotte Track. Not much is left to tell about here but my return to Picton. Nathan was so kind as to get me, and -surprise!- he got me in Nikki’s red convertible! As I learned by then Nathan used to drive races.. and that road from Anakiwa to Picton, Queen Charlotte Drive, is a hell of a windy road. There’s nothing left to say to that.. :) Yay!

While waiting for him at Anakiwa I had a look at the Outward Bound School of NZ that is located there. Looks really really interesting and worth a visit! Too bad they’re booked till May.. In case anyone is interested they can find them at

Life back at Picton was quite nice.. :) We had lots of interesting people coming through (who would have thought that pilots have that much holidays? o.O We had three in the last three days.. Lufthansa and Condor.) , plus a friend of Nikki’s, Woody, who had a problem with a fish that was much too big for him alone.. surely enough we offered our help! :)

Nathan and the fish! (It’s a snapper.)

Woody travels around as a gypsy and earns his money by selling stuff he produces. In this case he chose the juggler’s as workshop for making fire toys! So we offered our help here too (just wanted to steal his secrets, that’s for sure.. ^^), and Woody, Owen from Scotland who was here with a friend for a few days, and me made lots and lots of fire toys! Plus I now find myself in possession of a really nice fire staff.. I just have to learn to use it.. ^^ But I also had success as a teacher: Owen, while being able to juggle with fire clubs, can’t use a unicycle.. so I challenged him to learn to juggle on it in a few days. The price would be a batch of brownies (that I just learned to make but, of course, would teach him in case he lost) – very motivating, it seems. He actually made it, wow! :) I still have to master the juggling part of that exercise.. :/

Well, here are a few photos so you can believe I don’t make everything up while I chill out in some jungle or on some beach.. ^^

Making fire toys

We were productive! :) This stuff sells for about 1000$! oO

Still some work to do here.. ^^

Jap, those are brownies.. and believe me, they are good!

Woody lives here! oO

Hm.. take care.. :)


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