Out into the Wilderness (well, sorta)

Location: Picton, Juggler’s Rest

Weather: Heaps of rain, but pretty warm.. who cares about getting wet? ^^

After checking the satellite forecast images (the best way to check on the weather here) I saw that lots of rain was coming this way today – which is why I’m still here. But tomorrow I will get a water taxi to the beginning of the Queen Charlotte Track out in the Sounds, a 3-4 days track. It’s my first overnight tramp, so I’m exited! I borrowed a tent, a stove and all that ’cause I’m going to camp (much cheaper!) – but on this track you also have the possibility to stay in hostels or hotels plus the normal DOC huts. It’s a good track for a beginner because there are quite a few access points where you can catch a boat out plus most of the track has mobile phone coverage. So before heading out into the real wilderness where you can only get out by helicopter or by foot and where there is no coverage whatsoever, I get a bit of training. No, just kidding.. or am I? ^^

Well, hopefully I get the opportunity to shoot a few nice photos for you to see, so you can enjoy the beauty of the place as well.. ^^


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