A few Photos of Picton and Around

Heya – managed to connect my dear camera to the computer at the Juggler’s thanks to Nikki who gave me her cable. (Mine has decided to leave me for it’s own adventure, it seems. ): )

Anyway, as usual, have a few photos plus comments.. (:

There’s a restaurant on an old boat in the harbour, with street sale. (:

Nikki is giving a fire show!!


Wanna have your own boat? You can rent those beauties for 20 cts at the waterfront.

A nice touch in one of the public toilets. Public toilets are usually really clean around. (:

Picton from above. I climbed on a hill by accident.. took the wrong path. ^^:

Actually I wanted to come here. One can swim in the water, but it is quite frightening. The water is really dark and it’s depth cannot be guessed.. it seems really deep. The dam is about 10 metres high.. oO

ferryIMG_3899 Governor’s Bay in the Sounds – a wonderful place for a swim!


Robin Hood Bay on the East Coast. It feels like it’s containing water directly from the South Pole.

Here another kind of jellyfish can be found (the dead kind, haha.. )

As said before, we had lots of fun coming there.. ^^

Sunset in Picton. oO

Kiwi inventions: Look at that mixer! xD

I read a few articles on Spiegel Online yesterday, taking particular interest in one about a swiss guy, Louis, travelling around the world in his solar car. It happened to be that he was in NZ right now.. so I mailed him asking when he’d come to Picton (the gateway to the South Island after all!) – the answer was today! So I caught up with him at the ferry (involving a bit of confusion because two ferries from different lines landed at the same time) to have a look at his car. It’s an interesting sight with the light blue outside and the trailer full of solar cells! Louis said that it can go up to 90 km/h, but normally he goes about 50. He was planning to get to Kaikoura today, but was worried that the batteries might not hold – it was quite cloudy today. Apart from using the solar cells on the trailer the car can also use electricity from a power outlet. Louis’ house back in Switzerland has solar cells on the roof that put the same amount of electricity into the system that he takes out of it, making it CO2 neutral. I just hope that this project can help to make people aware of climate change and make them see what can be done.. plus, this car looks like lots of fun! ^^
Find the article at http://www.spiegel.de/reise/fernweh/0,1518,529254,00.html and the homepage to the project at http://www.solartaxi.com/

Yay, I can have a seat! (It’s much too big for me though.. ^^) Now, that’d be a decent vehicle for my onward journey.. too bad I couldn’t have a ride because the second seat was occupied by a lot of equipment since the support bus was staying in Australia.. (well, at least not one sitting in the car.. ;) )The solartaxi was offered a lift to Whangarei by the Rainbow Warrior II, by the way. ^^

For the end, ducks at the waterfront.. ^^ relax!


3 responses to “A few Photos of Picton and Around

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  2. What an amazing english :D ich trau mich ja gar nicht hier was auf Englisch zu schreiben.. Die Geschichte mit dem Solarmobil ist echt sehr witzig!Reist du jetzt alleine? Schade, dass wir nicht telefoniert haben, aber ich lag im Bettchen, werden wir sicherlich wiederholen schwesterherz!!!
    Take care..
    Wenn ich deine Seite lese, verbessert sich mein Englisch denkste nicht auch?
    hab dich lieb

  3. PS: Zwei Karten sind angekommen!
    1. Lake Rotorua vom 16.12
    2. Mount Taranaki vom 28.12

    Aber sind schon eine woche hier!

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