Past and Present

Location: Picton, Juggler’s Rest

Weather: Absolutely clear and a lot of UV rays

Heya, here I am again.. Life in the Sounds is easy and after I have met two nice guys from Hideaway (the place where I stayed in Kerikeri a month for work, it’s become quite a clan.. I meet the people everywhere ^^) with a car we set out to find some nice beaches the last two days. And what can I tell you, this place is heaven!

Only a few minutes away, on a windy scary road though, you can get to Goveneur’s Bay. This place can only be reached by foot; you have to park the car up on the road. It features cristal clear water, nice bright sand, trees and bushes for shade and beautiful rocks that can be climbed. Plus you have the breathtaking view of the Sounds, dark blue water divided from the intense lighter blue sky by green hills with trees, bush and a few houses with jetties on them.. WOW! Just swimming there in the warm water makes you smile!

Another place needs a bit more driving. Luckily we had an old car, so Guess, the guy from Holland with the car, was able to do a whole lot of drifting on the gravel road – hardcore fun! Now we have to clean the car (and us) from all that dust, haha.. We were at Robin Hood bay which is said to be a decent surf beach. The surf was not that high, but the water is icy. We suspect that it is coming straight from the South pole. (and I do remember a current on the east side of NZ that comes from there..)

Both beaches were pretty crowded for NZ: there were about 10 more people on the beach! So many people! xD

Wwoofing here (working for accommodation) is really nice too. We just get the best people ever. Lots of Germans coming through (really, half of Germany is in NZ at the moment, it seems), but also quite a few from Israel, and some from the States, Canada and Japan.

I moved to an old van that is not going any more and which Nikki (the owner of the hostel) got for a sixpack of beer.. xD It’s very comfy and a place of my own.

Right now, behind my back, some people are talking about travelling, and another group is playing some Hebrew card game (which I’m going to join next round) – I just love the people!!!!

As to the past.. I did promise you some stories. Well, lean back and let me tell The Story of the Van.

You might already know that Flo, Matthias and me bought that nifty van back in Auckland. Buying a car in NZ is easy enough: You find a car you want to aquire, strike a deal with the owner, give them the money and they send away some form, you go to the post office and send some form too.. and the car is yours! No insurance is necessary, but we got a third party insurance just for security so if we hit a Mercedes someone would pay for it.. but injuries are automatically insured by the government.

So, after checking on a vehicle that was not right for us, we came to the Car Warehouse which sells old rental cars. They had this really nice van, Toyota Hiace 1992, which we got for 2300$ – pretty cheap. Insurance was made on the same day – off we go!

When you fill out the form at the post office, they give you a small card to proof your ownership. The real papers are sent to you a few days later. But of course we were not around any more (we had given the address of our first hostel, City Garden Lodge) and so went about without it (no one cares anyway). When we got back to Auckland a couple of weeks ago we got our mail from the hostel – surprise! The copy that stated the previous sales and number of kms said that the van had been sold before at about 350 000 kms and we got it at 280 000!! So.. had the Car Warehouse messed with us? Since we know exactly who sold it to us we just phoned them up – the guy swore he didn’t do anything, Land Transport (the ministry) must have made a mistake. So we phoned up Land Transport. (It’s pretty nice how they always say your first name..) After a lot of explaining, waiting and listening to music they finally came to the conclusion that there really must have been a mistake in between and they deleted it. (I guess it’s because at the WOF tests where they check the cars for street safety they also note the kms.) But what stress! We were really getting worried there..

NZ ministries are set up pretty nice. One central number for each (like Inland Revenue or Land Transport) will give you all the options and lead you to whoever you need to talk to. The people are nice, remember your name and after you give them some details immidiatly have access to the data. Though some times you have to wait, they have some pretty interesting music (I think that was the first time I ever heard rap on a phone line. oO Nice DJ! ^^)

Well, right now Matthias has the van; me and Flo got the money back. Let’s look out for a new car.. ^^


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