Resting at the Juggler’s

Location: Picton, Juggler’s Rest Backpackers

Weather: Clouded and windy, but still quite warm. Now, where’s my sunscreen.. ?

I’m still in Picton, cheers! After all that travelling and seeing so much it’s really good to just have a rest. I found the Juggler’s Rest to stay. Imagine a house, about 100 years old (ancient in New Zealand minds). There is a big porch where grapes grow. The place has about 8 hammocks, all in conversation distance. Buddhist prayer flags fly in the wind. The occational juggler that just helped himself to the equipment next to the door is mirrored from the wall in the frontyard. At night the torches are set ablaze and sometimes Nikki, the owner, gives a firepoi show!

I can work here for accommodation, at the moment a small tent.  So staying here for a while will cost me nothing! (: And the work is just making the beds up, vacuum cleaning, doing some laundry, cleaning the kitchen… for a few hours. All the nice people come to me (but the funny Canadian guy just left.. ):  Hey there! :P ) and the exchange bookshelf renews itself. I get free internet as well and have tiiiiiime. So the next few days I can maybe just tell you a few stories about New Zealand, Seoul and show some more photos.. after I finish relaxing, that is. :P


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