Free Boat Ride

Location: Picton

Weather: Fine, no cloads (different from the morning), about 22 degrees

Today I got a free boat ride. The reason: A resort out in the sounds is searching for staff and invited me for an interview. There is a road going there, but it would take 1.5 hrs to drive, the taxi boat takes mere 15 minutes. After showing me around they told me they wanted someone for 4 months.. too long for me, I don’t want to stay that long.. so I keep trying. xP But hey, the boat ride was really nice, some people came home from shopping and were dropped off at their own place, with big big bags full of groceries. What a way to live! Maybe I find someone else to stay with out there.. meanwhile, see a bit of where I am!

edit: Excuse the thing with the photos.. they somehow didn’t show up, don’t know what went wrong. ): But now it’s fixed. (:

Queen Charlotte Sound

So green! oO

Lots of jellyfish in the sounds!


Take care!


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