Cook Strait Crossing

Matthias and I took the ferry today; Flo stayed to buy a bike and cruise South Island with that. So I am in Picton now, where the ferry lands and am on my own for the first time of the journey. Let’s see how it works out! But don’t you worry, I’ll be fine! (:

The crossing of Cook Strait between the two islands was quite rough; they even got us down from the top deck because of all the wind. It was really blowing you off there. But the view was certainly worth it, look at the clouds! Amazing!!

In this latern burns the fire of Hiroshima. It was given to Newzealand by the Guardian of the Flame in Tokyo. oO It’s in the Botanic Garden of Wellington.

Our Ferry. (:

Still the North Island..

oO But you cannot see the wind..

Queen Charlotte Sound in which Picton is located. This is actually backwards, it’s the way where the ferry came from!

Some stuff I found on some beach some time ago.. ^^


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