Wellingtonian Impressions

I was out hunting.. here is what I shot! (: (and no, I don’t use these smileys ’cause I wanna be cool, I use them ’cause wordpress doesn’t turn them into those stupid images.. xP)

Art outside Te Papa, the national museum of New Zealand. We’ve been there today, it’s seriously big! This is a cabbage tree, by the way. They grow on wet lands and elsewhere everywhere in New Zealand.
Wellington seems to be a bit fan of art everywhere. Me like! (:

You can find those in the area around the water line.

And this as well.. it’s part of a bridge.


This one is quite famous for Wellington. It hangs above a place in the center of the city.

This is in the parks on one of the hills, Mt Victoria. It’s supposed to be the “Get of the Road” scene right from the beginning. We were not able to find it, but the whole area looks a bit like it.

NZ number plates.. gotta love them! Apparently one is allowed to use any combination of numbers and letters. I’ve seen quite a few nice ones, later more on that. But I like this one in particular. The guy is the owner of the car, he was so nice as to explain us the way to the zoo. (:

In the Zoo..

Have a guess where (:

Some Wellington letter box. Best one I saw yet was an old microwave, but that was in a remote area.. (:

Some other Christmas tree

Ahhhh! Wellington is being attacked by giant… cameras on tripods? I love that statue. (: It’s dedicated to the NZ television and movie industrie and at the first glance it looks really scary, like those robots the evil guys in movies have.. wait, at the first glance? I also like the message that one can read into it.. (:

No, I don’t live here.. too bad.. ^^

This is a NZ duckling (no, it’s not the same as our European ducks, it’s unique to NZ), swimming in the sea. Note how clear the water is, you can actually see the whole duck! oO

Some poles to keep cars out.. the design is typically NZ, the Maori would call it “Koru”. It’s taken from the unfolding fern; the new leaves come rolled like that.

Enjoy and take care! (:


One response to “Wellingtonian Impressions

  1. Sehr schöne Photos! Seems to be a nice city!

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