Welcome to Wellington!

The last week finally brought us down to Wellington. In between we went Cape Pallisier down here (don’t think that straight streets on the map are actually strait.. we landed on a one lane road over a mountain.. ), saw a few seals relaxing by the sea and lots more..

Have a few photos.. (:

Cape Egmond Lighthouse again
Some traditional Maori art in the city of Whanganui
At Lake Ferry Beach. You cannot swim here, the surf and currents are too strong. But you can always fish. (:
Same place, other direction..
Sunset at Lake Ferry; this is a lake which is connected to the sea (The sea is right behind that black line, heaps of stones, the beach).
Seals rest next to the road to Cape Pallisier (:
Lighthouse at Cape Pallisier. Those steps are the only access, about 70 metres up.. oO I met some local teen up there, he was fiddling with his mobile. ‘I came up for that, it’s the only place it works.’ oO

In the small fishing village along the no exit road to the Cape locals use heavy machinery to get their boats ashore. The sea can get quite rough, it seems, when they can’t leave them in there.. oO

The road.. it’s sealed!!! (Not everywhere, though, but hey!)

Just took this a few minutes ago.. Wellington! And it’s not raining! (But windy..)

Oh, before I forget – Happy New Year to all of you! Make it a good one! (:


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