Some Random Photos

Here we go.. over the last few days we surrounded Taranaki and are now south of it. Here a few random photos.. :)


New Plymouth has a wonderful festival of lights: they illuminate a park at night and play musik. It is magical to wander between the red, green, blue and yellow lights that are reflected in the small lakes. At one spot there are eyes projected onto the trees. At another spot uv-light lamps hang between the trees and all you can see are fantastic flowers and mushrooms that glow in that light. What a very very nice idea! (:

No, the mountain is hiding.. but this cloud is there! (:


You know what this means, eh? It’s raining again.. ~

Cape Egmond Lighthouse, in the middle of nowhere.

Take care and have fun! (Especially over New Year’s Eve.. ^^)


2 responses to “Some Random Photos

  1. Halloooooo kiddy kat=)
    wir hoffen dir gehts gut da unten und du feierst schön hinein in das jahr 2008!!!!!
    baller nicht so viel, es sei denn in NZ wird überhaupt geböllert…
    have fun and take care
    ***your family

  2. heeeeey !

    ich wünsche dir und den Anderen alles Gute und Liebe zum Neujahr !!!
    hoffe du hattest einen schönen Rutsch :)
    ganz liebe Grüße, mach’s gut und viel Spaß weiterhin :) !!

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