Christmas and a few photos :)


We made it to the east, driving the Forgotten World Highway. It still is a miracle to me how the Kiwis can call a gravel road with a lot of one lane brigdes a highway (and this is not the only one!) It is a journey back in time. Small farms that look abandoned (but there’s sheep around), one village that was a republic for one day, the republic of Whangamomona (they protested against being moved to another district) and a lot of old houses. I tried the post office in Whangamomona only to learn that it has closed in 1988. oO

New Plymoth is a nice town next to another vulcano, Mt Taranaki (or Mt Egmont, but that’s not used so often). We are staying at a holiday park right next to Fitzroy Beach which has the blackest sand I’ve ever seen. The red Christmas trees are in bloom (they are called like that because they bloom at Christmas, but another name is bottlebrush tree) and it is quite warm. I need a lot of sunscreen.

And here we are going to spend Christmas. I’m going to miss all of you these days!

Enjoy some photos.. :)

smilewhangamomonaWelcome to the Republic of Whangamomona

smilebeachSo black!

smilesunsetSunset at Fitzroy Beach

And some older stuff from Taranaki..

smileIMG_2828On the way up
There’s snow on the vulcanoes! Christmas feeling! (not really.)
smileIMG_2893Art on the mountain.. :)

Merry Christmas!


3 responses to “Christmas and a few photos :)

  1. :) just für dich

  2. noch einen versuch von anne:


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