Active volcanos!


After a slow drive south along Lake Taupo (biggest lake in the southern hemisphere, caused by one giant vulcanic explosion) we are now at Tongariro National Park. Today Flo and I ventured out to do the world-famous Tongariro Crossing, a 7-8 hrs walk between the vulcanoes, climbing up more than 800 mtrs. It was amazing! The three volcanoes are still active, and one of them, Ngauruhoe (aka Mt Doom in Lord of the Rings) is due to erupt for 20 years now.. oO Some places are smoking and smell of sulphur, just out of the rocks. You can also climb Ngauruhoe or Tongariro, the walk up to Ngauruhoe practically being a walk up a black wall. Since there were quite a few clouds up there we chose Tongariro instead. Phew, I’m tired now! (which maybe explains this mess of a story xP)

H ave fun and take care!

That’s sulphur on the ground btw – it stinks. ^^
Mt Doooooom o.O 1.5 hrs up, 0.5 hrs down. You know why? ^^

2 responses to “Active volcanos!

  1. Hi Katja, amazing seeing you climbing on volcanoes! Yesterday, I read about a strong earthquake in New Zealand. It happened on Thu, Dec 20th at 8:55 pm, and its magnitude was 6.8. Did you feel the quake? As I understand, volcanoes are not the best places to stay during earthquakes. Therefore, I’m glad that your blog was updated afterwards. Always take care!

  2. Nah, we didn’t notice at all; we were just told from Germany.. ^^ No one here is really talking about it (must happen a lot..?)

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