Down South

Hey guys, I’m back! We’re now at the beautiful town of Taupo on the vulcanic plateau. Since my last report I’ve wrestled the Pacific (weapon of choice: a surfboard; my chin is still blue), visited Hobbiton (without injuries, luckily), survived the sulphor clouds of Rotorua and enjoyed a lot of hot baths, the last one just a few hours ago in a very warm river at the end of a gravel road. I have also seen lots of fantastic colours and bubbling mud, all around here – wow. It’s been a lot of stuff and I’m running out of space on the data cards for my camera.. I’ll show you some more as soon as possible. (: I hope all of you are well and enjoy your time before Christmas. It’s just not the same down here; shops playing only christmas charols and lots of Santas everywhere.. and people run around in shirts and shorts. So strange.. ^^

edit: Ok, we’re having a problem with the photos here; they shouldn’t be in that order. I’ll fix that as soon as possible! ):

edit2: Found the problem, will take some time fixing that I don’t have right now.

111111The Party Tree out of Bag’s End’s window

2222222Yep, we walked up here.. wonderful waterfall just underneath btw. ^^

It’s the lands around Matamata.

dunes111Champagne Pool

Champagne pool at Wai-o-tapu (Sacred Waters).

More to come! :) Did anyone have a look at Kit’s pictures btw? Some of them feature us! (:


2 responses to “Down South

  1. hii schwesterherz.. also das ist nun mein 4.versuch dir ein komment zu hinterlassen.. :(
    dein blog ist echt spitze geworden RESPEKT :) hast dir echt mühe gegeben und nebenbei verbessert es noch mein englisch… also nur von vorteil und auch das wir wissen was du da so anstellst bzw. treibt ist wirklich toll :D

    also pass auf dich auf, denn wir brauchen dich noch hab dich lieeeeeeb <3

  2. Hi Katja, sind in piha bei auckland und machen uns richtung south auf. Armin hat mir etwas fur dich mitgegeben, may be we meet e o ., ich hab dir schon gestern mal meine nr gemailt, hier nochmals: 015208537790
    Greetings thomas

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