Back to Auckland + Photos

It is still raining as it has been raining almost the whole week. Kit left us for Paihia (thanks for a funny week, Kit!) and as far as we know has reached it safely by hitchhiking. This night’s hostel was an old primary school in Dargaville – it’s fantastic how interesting and different all the hostels are; and you only pay about 20 bucks.. (~10 Euro) Sleeping in an old classroom, the blackboards still on the wall, brought back memories. xP

Tonight we can crash at a Kiwi’s place in Auckland – hope we can find that, the city is huge! We got to know him at a farm further north where we stayed a few days (delicious free milk, yay!)

31Sleeping in the old classroom xP

41Greetings from the world

We were in the Kauri museum today – it’s really sad how these majestic old trees were felled (not to say killed, after all they have names, at least the big old ones).

13Tane Mahuta, the Lord of the Forest – 2000 years old and big

21Kauri Skin; it’s really smooth, not like tree bark at all


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