Meet the Lord of the Forest

The west coast of the Far North is inhabited by a very old Kauri forest. Today we paid them a visit. The highest one, called Tane Mahute (Maori for Lord of the Forest, he is said to have parted mother Earth and father Sky so creatures would have light), is about 50 mtrs high and said to be more than 2000 years old. It really is a spiritual place; the tree is just huge and looks very special: a straight high trunk that would need lots of people to hug and old big branches like normal trees at the top, full of plants and weeds, like an ancient creature from out of time. Once the whole Far North was covered with Kauris, but as they are excellent timber only the forest around Tane Mahute remains.

I will post some photos later when I have full computer access.. take care! :)


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