What a day!

So we went to Cape Reinga today! It was not nice and gentle as always on the pictures – it was extremely windy and raining now and then. Plus, the road there is gravel on the last 20 km.. wow. What a trip. You really get an end-of-the-world feeling here. The lighthouse on the rocks is the only thing visible, the oceans underneath hidden in the mist. The Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea are said to meet here, but they hid very well from us.

1Yes, it was windy!

2Cape Reinga lighthouse (without light, for whatever reason)

mistLost in the Mist

 Next stop was the giant sand dunes at 90 mile beach (not actually 90 miles, rather something like 90 km), we went sandboarding. Dang, those things are fast! The dune must have had something like 50 – 60 degrees and was tall.. and it was raining.. haha.. it was serious fun! If you stand on the top of the dunes you feel as if you were in the desert – all alone. The patterns in the sand are fantastic, like the patters you find in wood. But look out for the next shower of rain or a stinging blow of sand! (The sandboard makes a good cover, haha.. but you can also just hold it to your back and lean on it, the wind is so heavy.. Kit, our travelmate from Hong Kong, took lots of pictures – maybe I can show you later..)

Giant Sand Dunes

On the way out we had our first problem with the sand – the car was starting to sink in! (And mind, it’s just our poor old van, not some funky 4WD (4 wheel drive) car..) After some digging, pushing and further sinking we finally found some concrete under the sand – puh! Had that happened in the river (which is the way to 90 mile beach; better not go there without 4WD), we would have had a serious problem.. but like this we made it! :)

Since we left Kerikeri we’ve seen a whole lot of extremely beautiful beaches. From the Caribbean to Denmark to one with pretty pink sand and the 90 mile beach, all are different. The last two days we were more lucky with the weather as well. Too much to tell, so little time.. some more pictures instead! (And there’s tons more where these came from..) ^^

6190 mile beach

71Flo at Matauri Bay

8On the roadside

9This bird was probably guarding it’s nest for it became quite agressiv if one got to near to a certain spot.. but it wouldn’t run away from people with cameras like all the others.. :)

10Strange things can be found on the beach!

11But a bit of an effort surely rewards you better. d:

12Matauri Bay again..

I hope all of you are well.. I sure am! :) But it doesn’t feel like Christmas time… und morgen ist Nikolaustag? *g*


One response to “What a day!

  1. Der Bus is der Hammer!! :D
    Aber sieht toll aus ;)

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