Eh.. more Photos..

Hm.. something went wrong with the photos yesterday.. here are a few more.

some hill

The clouds in New Zealand are wonderful. The Maori name Aotearoa – Land of the Long White Cloud – is just right. :)


That’s our van by the side.. it’s huge! :) It’s really fun to roam New Zealand’s streets with it, driving on the left side (you get used to it quite fast) and enjoing occational one lane bridges (there’s so few cars that a two lane bridge wouldn’t make too much sense in most places). Driving on gravel roads is quite interesting, too. It’s good that the people around here are so patient though. :P


Marsden Cross

This is Marsden Cross. It’s erected at the place where on Chrismas 18something Samuel Marsden held the first mass in New Zealand. (And that’s the guy the winery where I worked is named after.) To get to this place you can either come by boat or walk half an hour over the hills and between sheep (they were quite terrified to see me.) I had this place entirely to myself until later a party arrived by boat – Kiwis from Wellington on holidays.

Kiwi can mean three things here: Either the fruit (say ‘Kiwi fruit’ to be understood! *g*), the bird or a New Zealander.


The fern is a national symbol of New Zealand. It’s growing all over the place! Some are at the ground, but there are also the palmtree-like tall ones.

Into the Future

Another cloud photo. The sky is just so impressive.. eheh.. when I’m done showing off the beautiful landscape I can give you some more photos of daily life.. ^^; (if you’re interested, that is.. )


That for now… now I can hitchhike back to the Hideaway Logde where I live (until tomorrow, haha! We’re going to the North.. and Kit is coming with us! He’s from Hong Kong and fun! (: ). Hideaway is about 7kms from Kerikeri town, a full hour to walk. But there are a lot of nice people coming along with cars so you don’t really have to walk.. ^^ I even had people stopping and asking whether I wanted a ride when I went to Marsden Estate (about 5 mins from Hideaway)..

And about that power thing yesterday.. apparently they have build power poles out of bad quality wood about 20 yrs ago and now they sometimes break down (though yesterday it really was a car hitting one).




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