Just a Lazy Day..

Here you go.. it was a nice day, this one. We went to the beach to fish, but didn’t catch anything (the one time the one guy from Ireland let me have a go the line got caught in the rocks.. xP).. but I collected quite a few pipis (weisse Muscheln) just like some Maori showed me a few weeks ago. I’m going to have those for dinner, yum! It’s very easy to get them, you just need a beach with empty pipi shells lying around (so you know they’re there) and low tide. Then you get into the water (up to your knees) and dig in the sand.. one minute and your hands should be full! And it’s free! :) (And a lot easier than fishing.. I’ll learn that too though..) That Maori also dove for sea eggs (Seeigel).. but that requires diving in the cold sea. You just smash them on a stone and eat them raw, they’re quite good – and salty! (Looks like snails.. reddish and slimey..)

My job has finished, I’m not working anymore. On Monday we’ll move on to Cape Reinga, up in the very north. I’m really looking forward to it! :)

I’ll put some photos here next time.. :)

Miss u all!


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